Revd. John Michael Loftus

Revd. John Michael Loftus

  • A Solicitor who claims to have over 30 years experience in Inheritance and Probate Law

  • The head of the Probate Department at Norton Peskett Solicitors

  • An ordained Vicar, who conducts church services for the Hundred River Benefice

  • A Boy Scout Troop Leader in the Beccles Boy Scouts

  • A Tax Commissioner

  • A Politician

  • An elected government official, a member of the Hulver Street and Henstead Council

  • A member of the board of the Lowestoft Town and Church Charity

  • A Dangerous Predator who exploits trusting Elderly and Disabled Clients to Steal Vast Amounts of Money. He is very willing to destroy lives in order to further his goals.

This Solicitor is dishonest to the core: His victims are the elderly and the vulnerable. Of course it is in the nature of his business that most people wanting to have their Wills written tend to be old and/or very ill. Thus naturally such people become his customers. He initially attracts his clients by offering a cheap Will writing service, a loss leader, much the same way that Tesco attracts grocery shoppers. Indeed, he even gives out coupons in church for a free Will written by Norton Peskett Solicitors. He does this while wearing his vicar outfit. But when it comes to writing a Will, cheap and nasty is not a good way to go. There is no second chance for the client to correct problems that come to light only after their deaths! It is well know that the administration of estates is an exceedingly lucrative business for solicitors. It takes very little knowledge: Mostly it consists of filling out forms and mailing standard letters. Most of the work is performed by para-legals or even secretarys. Thus costs are kept low, while still billing the client a premium rate. Indeed, the work is so profitable that it is often referred to as the "Probate Industry". Up to this point his behaviour is not exceptional for the industry. But now the deception and manipulation begins:

Revd. Loftus writes himself into the Will as an executor. He also adds a contingency that if he personally is unable to act all partners in his law firm also become executors. If he cannot profit personally then at least his partners will. Next he does something utterly despicable: He structures the Will as a "trust for sale". This is a lawyer's trick that essentially gives him total control over the estate. It effectively overrules the client's intentions. At first the client might be wary of this wording. But Revd. Loftus assures his gullible clients that it is all perfectly legitimate. He tells them that it is simply a tool to make the executor's job easier. There is some truth in that excuse: It makes it much easier for the executors to embezzle from the estate. If the client is still uneasy he will tell them that he is their solicitor and has their best  interests at heart. Surely they can trust their own lawyer. Then he points out that he is also a practicing vicar. He conducts church services at local churchs. He uses the good reputation of the Church of England to invoke trust. The elderly generation were raised in a very different world to younger adults. They were raised to trust the church and the clergy. Their neural pathways were created long before the scandals of recent decades became newsworthy. If the client is still wavering, Revd. Loftus still has several more positions that he has engineered to put him in a position of public trust. Just look at the box at the top of this page for examples. In this way Revd. Loftus is able to get inside his victim's heads and make them trust him. They sign the Will that he writes for them. Then he just sits back and waits for them to die. He knows that riches must surely follow.

At this point his actions become outright criminal: He commits perjury in his executor's oath to obtain a Grant of Probate that excludes other executors: He does not want oversight of his actions by the executors that the deceased selected. He especially does not want oversight by the residual beneficiary, the only person with a financial interest in preventing thefts. He then embezzles financial assets from the estate, and sells valuable tangible assets to his friends and business associates for ludicrous prices. He has no interest, or competence, to minimize taxes. This results in the estate paying way more in taxes than legally necessary. But Revd. Loftus does not care: It is not his money being wasted. He forges signatures and creates documents that support his actions. He willfully destroys precious and irreplaceable family heirlooms in order to clear the deceased's house against the wishes of the beneficiary it was left to. He even takes great delight in the emotional trauma that he inflicts by this action. If there was any justice he would be in prison for a very long time. But unfortunately he is much too cleaver for that to happen. He knows how to game the system.

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