Quality Solicitors Norton Peskett

In late 2012 Norton Peskett Solicitors took on a new look and feel. Their business has been re‑branded Quality Solicitors Norton Peskett. Their website has taken on a new look, colour scheme, fonts, and logo. So what's with this? Is this a new Norton Peskett? Well, no, not at all. Just the same old law firm dressed up in new clothes.

What is Quality Solicitors?

Quality Solicitors is not a law firm! Quality Solicitors is a marketing firm. They provide a uniform marketing strategy and trademark for a large number of much smaller local law firms. They project the image of being a very large law firm with a national presence. But in reality there is no pooling of resources or expertise between the individual firms that trade under the Quality Solicitors label. Any law firm trading as Quality Solicitors has only the same resources, personnel, and expertise as it did prior to joining the franchise. No law firm has ever gotten more effective or more capable at solving your legal problems by joining Quality Solicitors. What they do gain when they join Quality Solicitors is a much stronger marketing presence, which translates into more business for them, boosting their profits.

Are Quality Solicitors bad for the customer?

Since Quality Solicitors is merely a marketing alliance of many law firms, the degree of competence and customer care that you can expect is likely to be identical to that provided by the constituent law firm immediately before it joined Quality Solicitors. The only common attribute that these firms share is their desire to grow their firm quickly. In the case of Norton Peskett the firm has an established track record of taking on way more customers than they are able to serve, sacrificing quality for revenue growth. I have no data as yet as to whether other firms that join Quality Solicitors share this behavioural patten.

What is a solicitor?

Many clients have a distorted view of what a firm of solicitors really is: It is first and foremost a business whose goal is to make money. It is a paid service provider whose business model is no different from that of the plumber that you call to unblock your toilet. These people are in no way elite members of society, they are merchants like any other high street merchant. If your image of solicitors is of officers of the court, honest and reliable, highly educated and intelligent, above crass materialistic profit motives, then you will surely be in for a very unpleasant education when you have the misfortune to use their services. There is nothing clever about the job a solicitor does; for the most part it is only about knowing which form to fill in, or which law is relevant. They know the procedures and you don't. So it will cost you an exorbitant amount of money for them to do quite mundane work for you. Are there any good solicitors out there? Yes there are, but sadly they are very much in the minority. If you find one, hang onto them, they are a very scarce resource. Above all, bigger is not best.