Norton Peskett Solicitors

This Website describes my experiences as a client of Norton Peskett Solicitors. This law firm operates throughout East Anglia, and has offices in: Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Southwold, Halesworth, and Beccles.

Although this law firm is one of the largest in East Anglia, that is no guarantee of honesty, integrity, or indeed even technical competence.

The partner that heads the probate department of this firm, John Loftus, has deliberately lied to me, fought against me, embezzled my money, destroyed irreplaceable family heirlooms. And I was the client paying for his time! He has frequently given me legal advice that was outright wrong, even in the most fundamental areas of inheritance and probate law, while maintaining that he has over 30 years experience in this practice area.

And my experiences with this law firm are by no means unusual: Indeed, another solicitor previously employed by Norton Peskett, Christopher Savage, was imprisoned for embezzlement of money from several clients. In an unrelated crime, this same solicitor was struck off the register of solicitors for forging client signatures on mortgage documents. These facts are all verifiable from independent sources: I recommend the Eastern Daily Press newspaper website.

If you are considering doing business with this law firm, I would strongly recommend doing your due diligence, and carefully considering the experiences of those that have gone before you. Hopefully you will be able to avoid the hellish experience that I suffered at their hands. Of course there are many hundreds of other law firms operating in East Anglia. Some may be good, some bad. But I doubt you would have the misfortune to find yourself the client of a worse firm than Norton Peskett.

Please feel free to explore this website, where you will learn the full horror of my experiences.

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